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Chase H.Q. 2 (2007)

Developer: Taito

Sep 2021

Chase H.Q. has you playing the cop – with the sole goal to smash up a criminal car repeatedly until it blows up/is defeated, and you can finally arrest the driver. Somehow all of these drivers would rather risk death than be arrested.

Much like its predecessor, Chase H.Q. 2 only improves on the original and looks much better with 3D graphics. Nancy is still on your radio, and the original release in Japan was even titled ‘An Urgent Call From Nancy’.

A 2007 release, Chase H.Q. 2 is a later game than a lot of our machines, but it still uses largely the same mechanics and feels much like a polished version of the older game. Choose from 3 cars and smash up the bad guy in the given time limit. Compared lovingly to Outrun, Chase H.Q. 2 doesn’t have the same hydraulics on offer, but after a few bevs that’s often for the best.