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Arkanoid High Scores

Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh (1987)

Developer: Taito World Record Hi-Score: 3,120,570

Nov 2020

Expanding on the block breaker/paddle theme from Atari’s Breakout (1976), which in turn followed the lineage of the original arcade smash Pong (1972), Taito’s Arkanoid (1986) offered fans something much more exciting. A sequel was released a year later and with even more power-ups, a robust wheel controller and some genius level design, the game holds up perfectly today and is considered the pinnacle of the genre.

Four Quarters ops manager Joe was immediately taken with the game when it came to Peckham a few years back and set about attempting to master it. However, it promptly suffered a power supply short-out and went up in smoke! After some considerable time (and TLC from engineer Tom) Arkanoid returned and is now sited at our Hackney Wick branch.