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Alien vs. Predator (1994)

Developer: Capcom - World Record Hi-Score: 3,026

Sep 2021

Released a decade before the movies shot the Alien vs. Predator series to infamy, the original beat-em-up game still does the original comic crossover (and the original separate franchises) the justice they deserve.

Capcom’s 1994 game has you playing as either a human-cyborg or an eponymous Predator, uniting to fight against Aliens as they try to take over Earth. Up to three players must utilise both melee and ranged weapons to take down the rogue army. You have an attack, shoot, and jump button, and combinations can trigger AOE or special attacks.

25+ years later, the game still stands out as one of the best-looking games of the time. Capcom knew what they were doing – it’s stunning visuals highlight the fun gameplay.