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Galaga 3 High Scores

Galaga 3 (1984)

Developer: Namco - World Record Hi-Score: 1,393,200

Feb 2021

Gaplus is the third game in the Galaxian series, and a direct sequel to 1981’s Galaga. A mod kit was later released to change the name to Galaga 3, possibly to increase recognition, even though there was no Galaga 2.

Galaga 3 from the off, is a far more hectic game than many early 80s shooters. With enemies constantly breaking ranks and dive bombing towards you, it’s a combination of a shooting frenzy and dodging exercise. Rather than having a fixed horizontal axis for your space shooter, like Space Invaders, you can also move upwards to avoid the endless reign of fire power towards you. There are multiple powerups available, or ‘Blaster Heads’ as they are known, one of which is a tractor beam, that can be used to capture the enemy and then add them to the sides of your ship, increasing the quantity of bullets that you fire at any given time.