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HOD2 High Scores

House of the Dead 2 (1998)

Developer: Sega - World Record Hi-Score: 111,340

Dec 2020

“Please be safe G”…. “How could anyone do this?” House of the Dead 2 has some of the best in-game voice acting of all time. We wonder if they just took the first take or whether they really worked on just getting the slightest bit of enthusiasm before calling it a day.

HOTD2 is an all-time shooting classic alongside the likes of Point Blank and Time Crisis 2, and probably for many people their number one arcade gun-game.  Ported to a ton of different devices the arcade version still stands tall as let’s face it playing this at home just doesn’t match up playing next to your fellow agent and chasing that annoyingly high pitched imp. Not far behind Time Crisis 2 as most popular shooter in any of our bars, it will always be a 4Q staple.

The game actually has various different endings- make sure you get the good one to make sure the infamous “G” lives!