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Smash TV High Scores

Smash T.V. (1990)

Developer: Williams

Nov 2020

Infamous coin-muncher Smash T.V. picks up where the classic Robotron (1982) left off. With intuitive dual-stick controls and a breathless pace from the off, this is a true arcade classic! Set in a dystopian ‘future’ of 1999 where contestants battle to stay alive against an endless stream of bat wielding mutants, exploding fat men and flying droids for ‘biiiiig money! biiiiig prizes!’.

At the end of each level your winnings are tallied up before the gregarious game-show host sends you back in to the studio for more certain death! Without the help of bountiful power ups the task would be impossible, but even with your best grenade launcher this game will require many credits if you intend to make it to the final boss! If you’re a fan of such classic action movies as Running Man and Robocop you’re bound to enjoy the feel of this. Best enjoyed with a pal so you can compete for  toasters, VHS recorders and, most importantly of course, points!