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Turtles High Scores

TMNT (1989)

Developer: Konami - World Record Hi-Score: 596

Jan 2021

TMNT or indeed TMHT in the UK due to the censors deciding that the word “ninja” had unacceptably violent connotations and they’d prefer to brand the turtles “heroes”. Our UK cab is an example of these “heroes” using the following “hero” weapons: Twin Katana, Bo, Sai and Nunchaku. To be clear, these are definitely not Ninja weapons, the Turtles are definitely not Ninjas and the theme tune of the game definitely does not have the lyrics “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” throughout.

With that out of the way let’s discuss old school multi player brawlers. These games were designed to eat coins, like much them relentlessly. There’s certainly skills to be learned and you can get good at the game and reduce your coin spend, but you can also keep playing and continue to the end if you just keep pumping in coins. Now, rewind, go back to the early 90’s and pay £1 a go. Yeah, we didn’t finish it either. But now, with the power of inflation and the value of Four Quarters YOU CAN FINISH TURTLES without breaking the bank.

FQ Tip – Whilst the game can seem a bit mindless, try and manage the space around your character and don’t get drawn into just bashing the attack button. Movement is key.