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Time Crisis 2 High Scores

Time Crisis 2 (1997)

Developer: Namco - World Record Hi-Score: 1,731,430 (1 - player / no continues)

Dec 2020


If ever there was a game which screams ‘90’s polygon graphics’ this is it! But somehow it stands the test of time and is perhaps THE most popular game in all of our venues! An absolute staple across arcades, funfairs and other entertainment venues through-out the late 90’s and early 2000’s clearly this game has a place in many a millennial heart. It also boasted a superb PS2 conversion, complete with light-gun, but for the true nostalgia trip you need to play the real thing!

The gameplay is fast and frenetic two player rail shooter action, with the slightly unusual pedal mechanic which allows the protagonists to duck for cover behind conveniently placed boxes and other miraculously bullet proof items. Time Crisis II currently resides at our Peckham branch, but the sheer size and lack of mobility of the cabinet means it will probably be there for as long as we are! The good news is that we have procured a second unit, so expect to see another of our venues blessed with this classic in the future.