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Afterburner High Scores

After Burner (1987)

Developer: Sega - World Record Hi-Score: 5,083,740

Dec 2020

Originally released in 1987, developed and published by Sega, this hectic F-14 Tomcat combat flight simulator will have you sweating from the off. Ducking, diving and barrel rolls are as frequent as your frustration and obscenities on this game! Hard as nails even though our machine is set to an easier difficulty setting, this is one that will really test your skills. The beautiful vacuum formed design of the cabinet along with the multiway flight stick ensures a great gaming experience. You will need to keep focused as the enemy planes attack from all positions, taking them down with your machine gun or your limited heat-seeking missiles. TIP – wait for the red flashing lights on the top of the machine to indicate a lock-on!

Whilst the dream is always to have the sit-down fully hydraulic deluxe version, our stand-up cab is still a fine example!¬†With 18 levels to complete we’re sure any player would be a trembling wreck by the end of it, getting to level 4 is enough to warrant a sit down with a beer!