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Daytona High Scores

Daytona U.S.A. (1994)

Developer: Sega - World Record Fastest Time: (Expert Race) 03:14.54

Dec 2020

Daytona U.S.A is a close cousin of Sega Rally, but despite graphical similarities and near identical cabinets, the gameplay offers a very different challenge. Instead of simply racing the clock, Daytona adds a competitive element with up to 39 other drivers joining you on one of three looped tracks. Ostensibly a stock car race, there is little in the way of excitement to be had in collisions as they just slow you down and speed is still the most important factor.

Like Sega Rally, Daytona is available as a single player and also a sit-down twin racer, and ours is the former. The game was actually released in arcades before Sega Rally and it had a limited Japan only launch in 1993 before its official release in April 1994. It’s another title which has engendered some fierce competition among our staff, with cocktail legend Badar recording one of the fastest times ever, but not quite enough to be considered a world record, so keep practicing Badar!!