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Virtua Tennis (1999)

Developer: Sega

Dec 2020


“Come on Tim!!”

We like to think of the Sega Naomi arcade as the big brother of the Dreamcast (taken before it’s time- what a fantastic console… if only they’d remember to put in anti piracy measures). It has a series of banging games and was often seen in bars and arcades across the country at the turn of the millennium. We have a few Naomi boards to switch, such as Die Hard and  but holding prime residency is Virtua Tennis- giving the bar a bit of a high class sporting option.

Created at the height of inoffensive Tim Henman’s reign as a media darling, it has one of the strangest line ups of selectable players in any tennis game. It does however have some easy to play- hard to master controls which means pretty much everyone fancies themselves as a king at this game.