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Neo Geo MVS (1990)

Developer: SNK - World Record Hi-Score: Various

Dec 2020

An SNK legend “Big Red” was a staple classic of arcades across Europe (1991 release) and Japan (1990). It gave arcade owners an easy way to switch games through a cartridge system and allowed multiple games on one machine- in theory making more cash dollar for them. Coming in a few variants including a 4 slot machine or a 6 slot, it is home to such classics as metal slug, windjammers and an absolute ton of fighting games, with Fatal Fury being the most well known.

Back in the 90’s the amazing thing about this machine was you could get arcade perfect versions on the home console version- but only if your parents were loaded as the cartridges were usually 3-4 times as much as a SNES game. The fact that so many of the SNK games are classics means we have to have “big reds” and other variants in our bars!  We’ve all got our personal favourites, including Garou: Mark of the Wolves, (seen as the best fatal fury game), Windjammers and also Turf Masters (surely the best arcade golf game ever).