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Hang On High Scores

Super Hang On (1987)

Developer: Sega - World Record Hi-Score: 39,381,040

Dec 2020

A sequel to the original Hang On, this motorcycle racing game is an absolute blast that will keep you coming back for more. Released in 1987 by Sega, this is another great looking cab, with its vacuum formed top section, handlebar dash and real-feel motorcycle handlebars, throttle and brake lever. This high-speed racing game just got faster with the addition of the turbo boost button located on the left-hand side of the handlebars. It is essential you use this, if you want to progress through the tracks. So, when you reach the standard 280 km/h, press that button for a 44 km/h boost, but hold on tight and stay focused!

There is a choice of 4 tracks across different continents to choose from, each with several stages, as well as the choice of 4 music tracks to listen to while riding, a feature borrowed from Outrun, released a year earlier. With all of these options, this is an arcade game that has a lot to give, so get your helmet and leathers on and get your knee scraping the tarmac on those high-speed turns.