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Sega Rally High Scores

Sega Rally Championship (1994)

Developer: Sega - World Record Fastest Time: None

Dec 2020

No game has engendered more in-house rivalry among our staff over the years than Sega Rally. We’ve boasted some mean players in our time and scores which would be world record contenders have been seen behind closed doors, albeit in circumstances that Twin Galaxies would deem unofficial. One day we want to see a world record set at Four Quarters and this game would be the obvious candidate as there is currently no officially recognised score.

Racing across 3 initial tracks, with a bonus 4th track available following a satisfactorily fast run, the handling is initially tricky to get the hang of, but once mastered it’s surprisingly deft. Another 90’s game with ‘charming’ (perhaps you might say dated but we wouldn’t) polygon graphics, Sega Rally was a staple across Sega’s underrated but doomed later console releases, the Saturn (on which it was a flagship release) and finally on the Dreamcast.

We own two stand-up Sega Rally cabinets, but the definitive item would have to be the twin sit-down version, which we are always on the look-out for so if you happen to see one rotting away at some god-forsaken seaside arcade please let us know!