Story Mode

The Simpsons (1991)

Developer: Konami

Sep 2021

A classic 4-person beat ’em up, this beloved Simpsons version takes the main cast through Springfield to try and save the youngest of the family, Maggie, from Smithers and Mr. Burns.

Smithers is holding Maggie hostage, and together the main characters must get through 8 stages and bosses before fighting a mecha-inspired Mr. Burns to get her back. Most of us probably play this game for the characters more than the, er, gripping storyline, and the bright and simple art keeps the 30-year-old game looking fresh and easily playable.

In traditional beat ’em up fashion, use both a joystick and the jump/attack buttons to ward off rounds of enemies before uniting against the boss at the end of each stage. You can pick up temporary weapons and even other characters – I personally enjoy Marge throwing Bart across the screen at a group of enemies, but there are other combos for each duo of characters.

The game has, at times, been ported to different platforms and featured for a time on the PSN and Xbox stores. There’s even a 30th anniversary edition of the original arcade machine.